SAILOR Fleet 33+ Marine Terminal

SAILOR-FLEET33 Support Information

Please be advised that satellites affecting the service area for this product are being repositioned. Click on the Download tab on this screen page to view the coverage map and complete schedule.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Satellite Repositioning

All FleetBroadband users should be advised that coverage for some of Inmarsat's services will be changing. Please refer to the coverage map and I-4 Repositioning document available from the Download section to see where and when service will be available throughout the satellite repositioning process.
In the Atlantic Ocean Region-West (AOR-W), Fleet services are currently delivered via the I-4 satellite. Once the I-4 satellite over the Americas is activated, Fleet services traffic will be transferred back to the I-3 satellite.
As a result, there will be reduced spot beam coverage in AOR-W than is currently the case, but Inmarsat will make best commercial efforts to increase the I-3 spot beam coverage so that it exceeds the original I-3 coverage.
There will be reduced spot beam coverage for the following services:
  • Fleet 77 - 128kbps ISDN
  • Fleet 55 - fax, ISDN, MPDS, 3.1KHz audio
  • Fleet 33 - fax, 9.6kbps data, MPDS
Services provided via the global beams are not affected:
  • Fleet 77 - voice, fax, MPDS, 64kbps ISDN, 3.1Khz audio
  • Fleet 55 – voice
  • Fleet 33 – voice

Click on the FAQ tab on this screen page for details.



  • Coverage: Global
  • Voice:  4.8 kbps, 64 kbps
  • Data:  64 kbps / 28.8 kbps MPDS shared channel
  • Fax:  9.6 kbps Group 3
  • Telephone functionality
  • Number storage:  10 latest numbers dialed
  • Address book  99 short numbers with alphanumeric names
  • Restricted dialing:  Yes
  • Traffic logging:  Yes
  • SIM card support:  Yes
  • Secure communications:  Yes
  • Message indication:  Yes
  • Access code


  • ISDN  4 x 2 RJ-45 connectors
  • 1 terminal block
  • Analogue  2 x RJ-11 connectors
  • USB  1 connector 
  • RS-232  2 x 9-pin D-SUB connector
  • NMEA  1 pair, 1 terminal block (2 wires)
  • Secure interface  STU-II B/STU III optional


  • Input voltage  11-32 VDC
  • Power supply  18-32 VDC optional
  • Power consumption  40 W receive / idle, 110 W transmit
  • BDU - ADU Cabling
  • Max. loss  23 dB at 1525-1660 MHz and 2.0 Ohm loop resistance
  • RG223 25 m
  • RG214-FRNC  50 m
  • S 10172 B-11 Max. 140 m
  • RF 10172 B-11 140 m
  • RF 7/8'' 50  170 m


  • Storage temperature  -30°C - +70°C
  • Operational temperature  ADE -25°C - +55°C 95 humidity (non-condensing) at 40°C
  • BDE 0°C - +45°C
  • Sealing class  ADE IP66
  • BDE IP20



I’m having problems communicating. What should I do?

Anytime the unit is powered up for use, it will search for any satellite. Once in awhile, you may have to perform a manual search. Please refer to the User Manual and coverage map if other service areas need to be added to the available list.

Press the MENU function key to display the menu list.

Use the up/down arrow key to scroll down the list to Sat Search and press OK. A list of available satellites will be displayed.  NOTE: Searching for a new satellite should only be done if the unit does not automatically perform the search.

Scroll to the desired satellite or Find Any and press OK. function key to select the satellite and initiate the search. The handset display window will display the search progress; Searching nnn, Tuning to nnn, Logging on nnn and Ready for call along with the signal strength indicator. Where nnn = Ocean Region.

The unit is ready for use when the satellite region and Ready for Call is displayed.

Click on the Download tab of this screen page to download the Inmarsat coverage map.

I’m still having problems communicating. Is there something else I can try?

You may need to change or re-commission to the Net service provider.   The current default net service provider and Ocean Region are displayed in the handset window when the unit is powered on or is idle mode. Please refer to the User Manual if other service providers need to be added to the available list.

Press the MENU function key to display the menu list.

Use the up/down arrow key to scroll down to Set Network. A list of available service providers will be displayed, with the current setting indicated with an *.

From the list, highlight either 001 or 004 (preferred providers). If you have problems with both of these providers, try provider 011.

Press the OK function key to select the highlighted net service provider and store it as the new default value for the current Ocean Region.

Click on the Download tab on this screen page and download the Inmarsat coverage map.

NOTE: If using a SIM card the Net service provider will be set automatically, you cannot change the Net service provider.

Why can’t I send or receive a fax?
Click on the Download tab on this screen page to download the document, INMST-TT-SAILOR_FLEET-FAX INFO 10222008.pdf for possible solutions.



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