January 20, 2009

Introduction of the new Sailor 6210 VHF, Sailor 6215 VHF DSC Class D and FCC approved Sailor 6216 VHF DSC Class D

We are pleased to introduce the forthcoming arrival of three new fixed VHF systems, the SAILOR 6210 VHF, the SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D, and the FCC approved SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D for the US market. These brand new VHF radios were introduced at our partner conference in New Orleans on January 13th, 2009. We expect to launch the VHFs early Q2 2009 and full production to be ready second half of 2009.


The SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D, and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D are the first in a series of new generation SAILOR VHF. They are built on decades of history as the professional user’s choice. SAILOR VHF has rightly so, been perceived as a premium product in the past. The new SAILOR VHF systems reflect this, and Thrane & Thrane is dedicated to develop and bringing these new VHFs to the Fishing, Work Boat and Mega Yachting market at a competitive level. We expect the MSRP to begin below €500. These radios are all developed to support our strategy to be the leading supplier of communication equipment to these segments.
The new SAILOR VHF systems stand out from the crowd due to their high build quality, operation and performance, in addition to the perception of SAILOR as the premium professional VHF brand. They offer the same rugged feel of previous generations and are designed with ease-of-use in mind, so the SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and the SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D for the US market belong at the helm of any vessel crewed by professionals.
Features include:
  • Full waterproof to IPx8 
  • Large easy to read display with red backlight and dimming
  • High quality, powerful loudspeaker
  • Up to 2 additional handsets/control speaker microphones
  • Replay function
  • Interface for AIS output
  • DW, Tri-watch and scanning
  • Interface for optional loud hailer
All three radios have a large display with red backlight to protect the user’s night vision and make it easy to read the intuitive menu. The buttons and knobs have a quality, tactile feel and the replay functionality that was first introduced by SAILOR returns, ensuring that messages can be replayed to improve safety and operation. Installation is very flexible and allows for interfaces to extra handsets or control speaker microphones, loudspeaker and additional equipment that can enable even more features. All radios also have a built in interface and functionality for loud hailer and fog horn.
With a tradition of reliability and quality behind them and a new focus on making them more available to a wider variety of vessels, the SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D are set to repeat the success of previous generation SAILOR VHFs in the professional market.

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