January 25, 2013

Traveling to Russia? Vital Information You Need to Know to Stay Connected

Iridium in RussiaIridium and the Russian regulatory authorities have reached an agreement to allow Iridium to legally operate in Russia. There has always been Iridium traffic in Russia but it was never officially allowed or forbidden. The Russian Government wants to regulate this grey market and specifically wants to be able to intercept Iridium calls from Russia to other countries in an effort to fight terrorism. So what does this mean for travelers looking to stay connected while in Russia?


Travelers wanting to use their Iridium satellite phone within Russia must register their SIM card or Iridium SBD Device with Iridium Russia. Registration information is provided for compliance with Russian telecommunications regulatory requirements. Iridium Russia will use and disclose registration information only to meet its obligations under Russian law. An Iridium device can be registered by subscribers for a 6-month period. For service requirements of longer than 6 months, a subscriber should change SIM cards and re-register.


To register, you will need to provide the information below on the registration page.

  • • Full name
  • • Nationality
  • • MSISDN
  • • Iridium Device Model (9555, 9575 etc)
  • • IMEI


A website owned and operated by Iridium Russia has been created for registering subscribers. If you plan on traveling to Russia with your Iridium device start by going to www.iridiumrussia.com.  We recommend to any of our clients operating in Russia to register their SIMs through www.iridiumrussia.com and to re-register every 6 months just to be safe.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact GMPCS at 1-888-664-6272 or contact@gmpcs-us.com


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