November 19, 2012

Inmarsat Network Prepared as Superstorm Sandy Hit The US

IsatPhone Pro by InmarsatInmarsat's Network Operations Center acted quickly to guarantee the best quality of service on the ground as Superstorm Sandy swept through the Caribbean and across the US east coast.


By actively monitoring traffic, carefully managing satellite resources, and suspending all non-essential maintenance on the network, the London-based operations team was able to ensure maximum stability for first responders and other customers using Inmarsat services.


“Network Operations went very smoothly without issues for network traffic,” said Claudio Galli, the centre’s manager.


“We ‘tagged’ the narrow spotbeam beam over New York as ‘sensitive’ – which means we implemented extended monitoring in that specific area – and we allocated more capacity to ensure all users were served properly.


“We did observe an increase in traffic, but this was not nearly as much as we would have seen if it was in a remote location where the impact of such an event on a terrestrial network would have been higher.


“Fortunately, in New York terrestrial communications were not too badly affected by the storm.”


Inmarsat’s partners were also on high alert, ready to provide first responders and other customers with any satellite services they might require in the wake of the storm, particularly IsatPhone Pro – the company’s handheld satellite phone.


“We saw an increase in sales before during and after Superstorm Sandy,” said Brian Fry from partner GMPCS Personal Communications, based in Florida.


He explained: “Many customers were interested in satellite phone rentals or in buying the IsatPhone Pro, and we were also approached by a major newspaper which bought a BGAN terminal to help journalists report on the aftermath of Sandy.”


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