December 06, 2012

Globalstar Returns Next-Generation Satellite to Commercial Sat Phone Service

Globalstar Satellite Phone 1700While Globalstar has had operational problems over the past two years with their satellite phone GSPS service, they are on the way back. Globalstar announced on Dec. 5 that they have returned their second-generation satellite that were impacted by the momentum wheel issue, are now back up to commercial service standards.


“After more than a year of development, Globalstar and Thales Alenia Space completed the software engineering, uploaded and tested the solution and then successfully returned the affected satellite to commercial service,” Globalstar Chairman and CEO Jay Monroe said in a statement. “The solution not only permitted this satellite to return to service, but also provides a fix for similar problems that may happen across our constellation.”


All of Globalstar’s 18 launched second-generation satellites are now providing commercial service, and with the February 2013 fourth and final launch of six satellites, its second-generation satellite constellation will be complete. The constellation aims to provide high mobile satellite phone voice quality and fast mobile satellite handset data services at high reliability standards to commercial and government customers in over 120 countries.


Since their service has not recovered 100%, Globalstar has developed an Optimum Satellite Availability Tool which will provide you with a list of windows, based on your geographic location, during the next four days when you will have a high probability of making a successful call. GMPCS recommends, If you need your satellite phone to work the first time, every time, then you should plan on purchasing an Iridium or IsatPhone Pro satellite phone.

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