Iridium satellite phone Dockers for the Iridium 9555

Network Innovations is pleased to offer the SatStation hands free docks for the Iridium 9555 satellite phone. These affordable docking stations allow you to use the Iridium satellite phone in a building, vehicle or at sea.


One of the new solutions available is the SatStation Hands Free Dock. This particular docking station is great for mobile applications such as in a vehicle. The Hands Free Dock includes a 10 watt speaker and features full duplex hands –free operation. This means your phone call will be loud and clear inside the vehicle. The SatStation Hands Free Iridium Dock is a ready-to-go vehicular solution with cutting edge background noise filter and echo canceling technology.


If you would like to see how this docking station can be installed in a car look at this diagram.


Another option for a fixed installation is the SatStation Standard Dock. This docking station for the Iridium 9555 satellite phone does not have a hands free option, however it does include a built-in privacy handset. This option gives you the benefits of a fixed phone with a portable option. The Iridium 9555 satellite phone can be removed from the docking station to be taken with you as a mobile satellite phone. And since the dock is charges the portable phone while it’s docked, you will have a fully charged phone ready to be used.


With either docking station solution you will need to purchase an auxiliary antenna. For a mobile vehicle application we suggest the Iridium Portable Auxiliary Antenna. And for a more fixed or marine solution we suggest the Iridium Pole Mount Antenna.


For any questions and other solutions contact Network Innovations at +1-954-973-3100


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