Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite phone recall

Iridium 9575 ExtremeIridium has announced a complete recall of their 9575 Extreme satellite phone. At this time Iridium has restarted production of replacement phones with a permanent fix to the problem. They will start shipping replacement units in May 2012. The replacements will be done on a first in/first out basis and the turnaround is expected to be 3 weeks.


About the recall:

It is important to know that the problem the Iridium 9575 Extreme is having, is not a performance issue. Rather it is related to the fact that the unit can exceed the power level of their FCC license. Also this issue may not impact all units; however, due to the nature of the issue, it is difficult to determine which units are affected through standard screening processes. Therefore, Iridium strongly requests that customers return all Iridium Extreme phones for replacement. So for clients who are currently using their phone and are happy with them, there is no urgency to bring it back to be swapped out. As long as we get it before October 1st 2012, we will be able to swap it and cover the shipping.


Network Innovations customers who purchased the Iridium 9575 will have to send their satellite phones back for replacement.  We will cover the shipping cost for the phone. This service can only be available to Network Innovations customers who purchased the phone from us directly.  Please send an E-mail to You will get an automated responce with your RMA number and the instructions to send your unit back an no cost to you.  If you would like you may speak to a representative at +1-954-973-3100 or email


When shipping the Iridium 9575 Extreme to us: Please do not send any SIM cards or accessories. Only ship the handheld phone and battery.

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