SAILOR FleetBroadband 150

FleetBroadband is the only global satellite communication service from Inmarsat that offers reliable and fast connectivity from almost anywhere in the world. The SAILOR FleetBroadband from Thrane & Thrane is ready to embark on your ship. Choose the SAILOR FleetBroadband 150 for reliable high-speed IP communication. The next generation of satellite communication with seamless coverage based on Inmarsat services.
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SAILOR 150 FleetBroadband is a competitive single-user maritime system designed to provide data, voice and internet solutions for business or recreational applications. Whether fulfilling reporting requirements, diagnosing problems, downloading critical operation details or simply browsing the web or emailing at leisure, the SAILOR 150 offers several benefits that until now have been unavailable in a single solution for smaller vessels.

Package Includes:

  • 403050C SAILOR 150 Above Deck Unit
  • SAILOR FleetBroadband Below Deck Unit Lite;403739A
  • SAILOR IP handset/Cradle (wired) opt.
  • 10 meter antenna cable
  • User installation manual

Product Features:

  • Data speeds up to 154 kbps
  • Compact system ideal for smaller commercial vessels or private yachts
  • Send and receive e-mails and browse the web
  • Get access to remote networks securely
  • Send and receive large files
  • Access to voice and data simultaneously
  • Small size hardware

Tech Specs


  • Voice 4 kbps AMBE+2
  • Standard IP: 150 kbps
  • SMS Up to 160 characters


  • Above Deck Unit:

  • Height: 11.5"
  • Width: 10.8"
  • Below Deck Unit:

  • 1.67" x 10.31" x 10.67"
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs (3.9 kg)


FleetBroadband 150 User Manual

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FleetBroadband 150 Installation Guide

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Thrane IP Handset & Cradle Wireless
The SAILOR FleetBroadbands includes a new wired handset in their package. This particular handset has all the same features but it is wireless and connects to the unit wirelessly. The handset has been developed with a special focus on the users and the features they need. The IP Handset is used for making phone calls over an IP based network.

Your Price:$1,395.00

Fleet Broadband AC Power Supply-DISC
AC Power supply to be used with either the Sailor Fleetbroadband 150 or 250 models.

Your Price:$1,028.00

The Box
With The Box configured for use with your satellite broadband device you will be able to increase satellite data transfer efficiency, decrease airtime costs, and generate revenue by selling services to end users. The Box is a full featured industrial router with web caching and compression built into it. With local caching and fast, reliable, data compression, you will be able to realize up to 5x faster internet browsing. Data caching and compression speed up network access to data files resulting in faster download times which can produce dramatic airtime savings.

Your Price:$1,495.00

WebXaccelerator 102 - OPTIMIZER
Accelerate Satellite Data to Make Your Airtime Count with the WebXaccelerator - 102. Optimizer Satellite Firewall Hotspot increases your satellite data transfer efficiency and saves airtime costs while preventing unwanted data transmissions.

Your Price:$150.00

SAILOR FleetBroadband Handset
As an important part of this offering, the SAILOR FleetBroadband solutions include a new handset. With this handset companies are able to integrate their telecommunications and infrastructure, streamlining the whole operation. The handset has been developed with a special focus on the users and the features they need. The IP Handset is used for making phone calls over an IP based network.

Your Price:$1,095.00

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SAILOR FleetBroadband 150


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