Network Innovations to Provide Inmarsat Global Xpress

Global Xpress® is an innovative platform designed to completely change the way we look at satellite communications. This superfast and ultra-reliable network will provide broadband service to vessels on a global scale.


GX incorporates a number of advantages over technology available today. From the dynamic capacity to the economical terminals, we will deliver higher speeds, higher quality of service (QoS) and smaller, less expensive equipment globally. The GX offering includes smaller antennas than today's stan

dard VSAT Ku antennas thus enabling many more vessels to take advantage of the superior speeds, service and content.




GX and Inmarsat-5 Satellite


• Three Inmarsat-5 satellites, based on the Boeing 702HP spacecraft, providing seamless global coverage  

  •  I-5 Indian Ocean Region (IOR) (I5F1) – launch planned for Q3 2013

  • • I-5 Atlantic Ocean Region (AOR) (I5F2) – launch planned for Q1 2014

  • • I-5 Pacific Ocean Region (POR) (I5F3) – launch planned for Q3 2014

  • • Each ocean region will have two Satellite Access Stations (SAS) physically located hundreds of miles apart. This design provides added resiliency and redundancy. If weather is an issue at one SAS, the system auto-switches to the other SAS. Also, if there is a technical issue, power outage or other catastrophe 

    at one SAS, the system will switch over to the other SAS.

  • • Each I-5 satellite will have 20x the capacity of an I-4 satellite.

  • • Six steerable beams per satellite will deliver added capacity dynamically based on high-usage areas as well as in global events such as disaster response.

  • • Advanced design uses adaptive coding and modulation to maintain link in rain-fade.

  • • Platform provides auto-switching between Ka and L bands based on service availability or service degradation.

  • • Three manufacturers selected by Inmarsat to manufacture GX Maritime equipment:

    • Cobham / SeaTel

    • Intellian

    • JRC

  • • Core module provided by iDirect

  • • Network Service Device (NSD) by Cisco to optimize IP over satellite

  • • Application & content hosting environment with 3rd party developer tools

  • • Multicast delivery options


Inmarsat Global Xpress® Schedule 

The first satellite is scheduled for launch in 2013.  For more information regarding Global Xpress® and other satellite communication news visit Network Innovations or call us at 1-888-664-6727.


Global Xpress® Coverage Map

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